We truly appreciate the professional relationships we build with our customers and as a results driven business our performance scale says it all.
Our customers are for profit, non-profit, schools, health care centers, industries, government organizations and the federal government. They
include but are not limited to; FairFax Contractor, Metropolitan Medical Group, DOT - Carroll County Public Schools, KitoTaye, Organic Hair Solutions, Creative You Pro, Vizion Property Realtors & Property Management, SuiteSerenade, ImperialCyberSecurity.
Our commitment to the healthcare, educational, sports and media industries have increased our competitive edge in developing and maintaining high level big data solutions such as; health management system, learning management, recruitment solutions, sports and news media cloud platforms in the market
We partner with fortune 500 vendors; Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Red hat, IngramMicro, Lenovo, Logmein and many others.

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